Come On to be Nostalgic in 'Big 80s-90s Forever Young' Album

Come On to be Nostalgic in Big 80s-90s Forever Young Album
Elfa's Singer, one of artist which sing in '80-90s Forever Young Album'.
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JAKARTA - The musical era of the '80s and' 90s was a magnet for Indonesia's best musicians to be re-presented in this time.

And to re-commemorate the glory of that music, album titled '80s-90s Forever Young' back presented to commemorate the music by presenting a mixture of senior and junior singers in the album.

"The era of the music of the 80's and 90's was able to conjure up the big companies that are now in the music industry. The music that was presented in 80s and 90s able to hypnotize the community of music lovers. Because the music in the era it is able to make the people of Indonesia nostalgic in terms of music, we are trying to re-present the nostalgic in this album," said Seno M Hardjo, Director of Pop Target Label in Jakarta, Tuesday (31/10).

The 80-90s music, he said, to be the glory of Indonesian music. The period in which a caldera of space and time is able to bring together genres and the beginning of massive technological involvement in rock, fussion, country, pop, and genre are all alive to life together.

So how to formulate the album 'Big 80s-90s Forever Young'? According to Seno, some of the songs he presents with arrangements that are almost the same as the original version.

"But with the current sound of course," he said.

Some of the singers of songs that still exist, he invited to sing again. So, the album also marked comeback of Dian Pramana Poetra, Harvey Malaihollo, Java Jive, KSP Singers and Elfa's Singers. Others feature contemporary singers with a spirit of 80- 90s music contious.

"There are Andien, Indah Dewi Pertiwi, Richard Chriss Schrijver, Ika Putri, Harsya Rieuwpassa, Billy Wino Talahatu, Rick Karnadi, Fierza Agie Cilla, Lona Cindy and Ardina Glenda," Seno said.

"Let charm still heard the generation of today and so on," said Seno about the involvement of young musicians in this album.
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