Yamaha Electric Motorcycle Presented in Indonesia

Yamaha Electric Motorcycle Presented in Indonesia
Yamaha officialy launching electric motor in Indonesia / Sindonews
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JAKARTA - Yamaha Indonesia (YIMM Motor Manufacturing) officially presents an electric motor in Indonesia.  Motorcycle that has been stranded across Europe and Japan, now present in Indonesia, after previously used in internal YIMM.

"YIMM as a subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Company is actively conducting a study in the Indonesian electric motor market," said Vice President Director of PT YIMM, Dyonisius Bety in Jakarta on Wednesday (1/11).

Yamaha introduced electric motorcycles in 2002 through Yamaha Passo. Yamaha then continued to develop with successively introducing EC-02, Passol-L, EC-03 and E-Vino as well as the Tokyo Motor Show.

Until now, sales of electric motor Yamaha has penetrated the European region and in Asian countries such as Japan and Taiwan with total sales more than 10,000 units.

Market trial electric motors conducted YIMM is a form of Yamaha support to the government related Electric Vehicle Acceleration Program for Road Transportation.

In the future Yamaha will analyze the market trial results in order to produce quality electric motor for Indonesian consumers.
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