President Jokowi Confessed Never Issued Reclamation License

President Jokowi Confessed Never Issued Reclamation License
President Jokowi and reclamation in Jakarta Bay.
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BEKASI - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asserted that he has never issued a license for reclamation either during his tenure as President or while serving as Jakarta Governor.

"I say, I'm as president never issued permission for reclamation. As governor, I'm also never issued permission for reclamation," said President Jokowi in Muara Gembong, Bekasi Regency, West Java on Wednesday (1/10) as quoted from the Bureau of Protocol, Press and Media Presidential Secretariat.

Regarding Governor Regulation No. 146 of 2014 on the Technical Guidelines for Building and Licensing Services of Reclamation Facility of Strategic Area of Jakarta North Beach (Pantura) which became a polemic, President said that the Governor Regulation is a guide to propose licensing.

"If it is, the Governor Regulation is guides the instructions in order if you ask permission, not reclamation. If you ask permission, what kind of rules. Not you I give permission, I give you permission for reclamation, that's not it," explained President in response to journalist questions related to reclamation polemic in Jakarta Bay area.
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