Social Media Become Threats in Political Year

Social Media Become Threats in Political Year
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JAKARTA - The spread of false news (hoaxes) as well as ethnic, religious, racial, and intergroup issues (SARA) is expected to increase in social media at 2018 which is the political year.

The government needs to be extra vigilant in order to prevent conflict in the community. In order to prevent abuse of social media to spread hoax content and SARA issues, cooperation of all parties is necessary.

Chairman of Indonesia Siber Media Association (AMSI) Wenseslaus Manggut said, hoax and hate speech, many spread in social media. Although also found cases in some online media, but the threat is actually on the social media that can be made by groups or individuals.

"The media is no longer upstream because now the information maker is the public through social media," he said in Jakarta, yesterday.

According to him, the online media currently number around 4,300, but the user account amounts to millions of social media. To suppress abuse, he said, the association can not work alone. Government involvement, Press Council, and of course the management of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Yahoo are indispensable.

"Because the media is only for clarification, while pressing the hoax itself needs cooperation of many parties," he said.

He admitted that hoaxes and fake news had damaged the industry. And if related to the fear of spreading the massive political year in 2018, he hopes political parties are also invited to work together.

Wens holds the view, what the government does in pressing the hoax and hate speech is good enough and already on the right track. Nevertheless, Wens explained as an organization that oversees online media, AMSI still trying to prevent any members who commit violations.

AMSI helps media start-ups to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements (Law No. 40/1999 on Press) in which online media must have a clear legal body, adhere to the Journalistic Code of Ethics and Siber Media Guidelines drafted by the Press Council along with the mediamedia online. In addition, because AMSI is an association of media companies, organizations work like corporate unions and media associations.

"So, we ensure that media companies joining AMSI meet the three elements," he said.

Meanwhile, Press Council member Jimmy Silalahi said the process of online media registration and verification goes on and will never stop in 34 provinces. So, the verified media data is only temporary because the Press Council continues to push it up.

"The last data about the 300s verified, it's still running, our team is still going around," said Jimmy.

Vice Chairman of Commission II of the House, Ahmad Riza Patria said the political tension in 2018 is expected to increase. It coincides with the 2018 elections held in 171 regions and preparations for the 2019 election.

To that end, the House of Representatives asked the government to take a persuasive step in cracking down on the spread of hoaxes and hate speech. According to Riza, many people do not understand the rules in Law No.19/2016 on Information and Electronic Transactions so it is the government's duty to disseminate and educate about the use of medsos in the political year.

"It needs massive socialization to the grassroots because many people are just share and forward. Come on until they are arrested for ignorance," he said.

According to Riza, in law enforcement must also be done fairly and wisely because not all cases can be generalized. If hoaxes and hate speeches are done by people or groups who intentionally intended to drop a particular candidate pair, it needs to be dealt with firmly.

"If the ordinary people can be fundamentally done coaching and guidance. Because if the origin of the catch, will not solve the problem, it will cause anger," he said.

Riza assess what has been done by the police who will conduct patrols Cyber and Ministry of Home Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information to close the account of hoax and fictitious spreader is right.
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