Ridwan Kamil Name Still Possible by PDI-P

Ridwan Kamil Name Still Possible by PDI-P
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BANDUNG - Despite having own scenario, Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) never closed the coalition with any political party, including the coalition of political party which support Ridwan Kamil.

PDIP is still opening the gap carrying Ridwan Kamil along the line with the scenario that has been bagged.

"We are not affected by the attitude of political parties that have announced the name of candidate for governor that will supported, we already have their own scenario," said Secretary of PDI-P West Java, Abdy Yuhana in Bandung on Thursday (2/11).

Nevertheless, it continues to build political communications with political parties that have not announced candidate for governor/vice governor that will be carried in West Java Election 2018.

"The coalition is built on mutual respect and good political communication and political cooperation will be established when there is a wedge or a common ground," he explained.

According to Abdy, the absence of political communication between PDI-P and Ridwan Kamil and his political party was the main reason PDI-P did not vote in coalition with the political parties of Ridwan Kamil who in fact political party allies at the central level.

In the future, as long as the agreement is based and in line with the scenario that has been implemented by PDI-P, it is not impossible if PDI-P will also carry Ridwan Kamil.

"Yes (carrying Ridwan Kamil), along the line with our scenario," he said.

Separately, Democratic Party cadre, Dede Yusuf admitted still being wait and see in Pilgub Jabar 2018. Therefore, until now he has not conducted mass socialization to introduce more as a candidate for governor.

Dede Yusuf said, he still see the political dynamics that are still liquid before the West Java Election. The political constellation and dynamics are still possible to change from time to time.

"Not doing socialization aja is still my name appears, let alone socialization, which is for the sake of my people ready (advance in West Java Election 2018)," said Vice Governor of West Java period 2008-2013 in Bandung, Thursday (2/11).

Even so, said Dede, he has been asked to perform the duties as a cadre of the Democratic Party by following the prospecting netting mechanism. He claimed to have signed up as a candidate for governor in the Democratic Party. But Dede does not know who will be carried Democrats. Therefore, the determination of candidates for authority and decisions of DPP Democratic Party.

"In this context, any mandate from the party, to me that is important. Being the chairman of the House of Representatives Commission IX and the Governor of West Java, are equally important.There is no decision now. So, now my task is to wait for the DPP decision," says Dede.
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