The Fourth Reign of King Huristak IX Fought Get Appreciation

The Fourth Reign of King Huristak IX Fought Get Appreciation
King Huristak IX, Patuan Barumun Hasibuan and award from Original Rekor Indonesia Award.
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JAKARTA - Right on the 89th anniversary of the Youth Pledge on October 28, 2017, the Huristak Royal Family, Padang Lawas, North Sumatra was honored. King Huristak IX, Patuan Barumun Hasibuan was awarded by the Original Rekor Indonesia Award for his services as a king who fought in four different ages.

The award was given at Cimahi, Bandung along with record breaking of red and white porridge measuring 2 meters x 90 centimeters in order to commemorate the Youth Pledge, the result of collaboration of Indonesia Chef Asition (ICA) and King Huristak XII, Tondi Hasibuan.

"We as a family of the kingdom of Huristak feel proud because this form of appreciation is given for his services in the struggle. He from his youth in the Dutch era to death still continues fight," said King Huristak XII, Tondi Hasibuan in Jakarta on Wednesday (1/11).

He explained that this award is given as an appreciation of Patuan Barumun Hasibuan which fought in four periods during the Dutch colonial period, the Japanese colonial period, the independence/revolution and when he became a member of the Provisional People's Consultative Assembly (MPRS).

"And it's all recorded, maybe there are other fighters who fought three or four times, but not recorded. While Patuan Barumun Hasibuan has a complete record," said Tondi.

In the future, Huristak Royal family will hold a seminar related to Huristak Royal struggle, especially those done by King Huristak IX, Patuan Barumun Hasibuan.

"This is also so that all circles know how the kingdom of Huristak participate in the struggle of this Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI)," said Tondi.
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