IC Banana Plan to Perform at Opening of Asian Games 2018

IC Banana Plan to Perform at Opening of Asian Games 2018
IC Banana
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JAKARTA - Group which had booming in Indonesia, IC Banana plan to perform in the opening of the Asian Games in Jakarta in August 2018.

The plan to invite Idan Cohen, from IC Banana with Clarice Cutie was revealed by Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Imam Nahrawi, recently.

Imam said, Asian Games and Kemenpora team approved if IC Banana perform at Asian Games to raise the spirit of athletes who will compete in the Asian Games 2018.

"Anyone can appear to be the opening artist of the Asian Games as long as they inspire and energize in positive things. I've seen the clip, lyrics is indeed no element of pornography. But it would be better if they look better and nothing is open," said Imam in Jakarta, recently.

Added Imam, lyrics and songs from IC Banana are expected to encourage all athletes in Asia to prioritize 'fair play' in every game.

On this perform plan, Idan Cohen expressed his gratitude beforehand. He is with Clarice Cutie waiting for a formal invitation from the Asian Games 2018 committee.

For information, IC Banana is now a trending topic in Indonesia is consists Idan Cohen who work professionally with producer David Svoboda from the United States US. They together make a video clip IC Banana in Tel Aviv, Israel.

While Clarice Cutie is an artist from Indonesia who supported Sony Music to make a dance race with the accompaniment of IC Banana song. Clarice has also asked Idan Cohen to perform with his followers performing the challenge of dancing IC Banana at the opening of the 2018 Asian Games.
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