Vivo Price More Cheap, Pertamina Asked Not to be Equated

Vivo Price More Cheap, Pertamina Asked Not to be Equated
Vivo gas station / Sindonews
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JAKARTA - Presence of public gas station (SPBU) owned by PT Vivo Energy Indonesia in Cilangkap, East Jakarta, really got the high enthusiasm from consumers.

Based on observations, since Monday (30/10), the vehicle is constantly snaking at gas stations that the construction of the area has not been completed entirely.

The queue is dominated by two-wheeled vehicles, especially riders in school uniforms and riders of taxi online motorcycle. On three available dispensers, all used to serve two-wheeled fuel consumers.

But, not a few also four incoming vehicles, both private vehicles and public transportation. Based on the recognition of an employee who did not want his name mentioned, every day Vivo gas stations sell thousands of liters of gasoline.

Contrast occurred at Pertamina gas stations which is located about three kilometers from the Vivo gas station. Based on Iyan Rosidana, the SPBU supervisor, in a day there are three thousand liters of Premium that has not been sold since Vivo gas station operates.

Meanwhile, for Pertalite, Pertamax and Pertamax Plus, the sales are still normal.

"People want to find something cheaper," said Iyan.

With the selling price of its revolving 89 RON (Research Octane Number) brand for Rp6.100 per liter, the presence of Vivo gas stations attracts public attention. The reason is, the price of RON 89 is cheaper than the Premium Pertamina with RON 88 which amount around Rp6.450.

The cheaper price is the reason for the ESDM Minister, Ignatius Jonan came in inauguration opening Vivo gas station a week ago.

Director of Pertamina, Elia Massa Manik himself seemed to have not talked much about this Vivo gas station.

While sitting in line with several Pertamina directors after describing Pertamina's performance at a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday (2/11), Elia cautioned to a number of journalists not to ask again about gas stations Vivo Energy Indonesia.

His statement was greeted laughter by the audience. The laughter of the audience grew even more intense when there were still reporters who asked about it.

Instead Director of Marketing Pertamina, Muchamad Iskandar are eager to answer questions about Vivo. To a number of journalists, Iskandar explained the presence of one new Vivo gas stations can not be compared to the number of Pertamina gas stations.
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