EU Treating UK With 'Naked Contempt' in Brexit Talks

EU Treating UK With Naked Contempt in Brexit Talks
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MOSCOW - The European Union is treating the United Kingdom with "naked contempt" and is offering it a binary choice in Brexit negotiations, UK former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said, calling for “super Canada” free trade deal with the EU.

"In presuming to change the constitutional arrangements of the United Kingdom, the EU is treating us with naked contempt. Like some chess player triumphantly forking our king and our queen, the EU Commission is offering the UK government what appears to be a binary choice," Johnson wrote in his regular Telegraph column.

He described it as a choice between "two exquisitely embarrassing varieties of humiliation."

"It is a choice between the break-up of this country, or the subjugation of this country, between separation or submission. It is between treating Northern Ireland as an economic colony of the EU, or treating the whole of the UK as such a colony. It is a choice between protecting the Union or saving Brexit," Johnson stressed.

The former foreign secretary pointed at the need to "stand up to bullies" after more two years of being "ruthlessly pushed around" by the European Union.

"There is a better solution ... It is the Super Canada [deal], zero tariff, zero quota, free trade deal at the heart of a deep and special partnership," Johnson underlined.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said on September 21 that London would continue to prepare for a no-deal Brexit after the EU informal summit in Salzburg, held on September 19-20, failed to produce a compromise on the format of post-Brexit economic partnership between London and Brussels, and the Irish border.
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