Protesters March Against Wars Near Pentagon

Protesters March Against Wars Near Pentagon
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WASHINGTON - Several hundreds people from across the United States gathered in Washington, DC on Sunday to rally against wars and militarism in the US politics. The activists participated in the Women's March to Pentagon, organized by several anti-war movements.


People gathered at the metro station in Washington's closest suburb just several blocks from the Pentagon.  Many of them brought homemade posters.

"Pentagon Says More War, Women Say No War," one of such banners said. Another one urged to "end the wars."

The protesters also waived flags of Syria, Libya and other countries where the United States supports wars, or military operations.

"I came here to protest against terrible US-led war in Syria," David Rold from Boston told Sputnik. The activist held a Syrian flag in his hands.

The man said that he wanted to stop the war and let the Syrians to choose their future themselves.

"US regime has to leave this country, and I think it is possible," Rold added.

Another Bostonian – Nate Goldschlag – brought a huge poster urging the US Congress to stop support US participation in war in Syria. "I am opposing US militarism, US military bases around the world and US endless wars," Goldchalg, who served at the US base in Germany during the Vietnam war, told Sputnik.

He added that the US government simply wasted money investing it in military projects instead of housing, healthcare and education.

One of protesters played a role of US President Donald Trump.

"This is my territory, and defense contractors are my friend," actory "Trump" told Sputnik.

David Barrows from Washington, DC, who wore the mask of Trump, said that the US president "is doing everything to protect his own interests."


Meantime, the crowd accompanied by police started to move to the Pentagon. People chanted anti-war slogans urging the United States to stop the bloodshed in the world.  "Peace for Yemen, Peace for Gaza, Peace for the US," they said.

Police blocked several streets so the protesters could march all around the Pentagon. However, they were not allowed to approach the building.

At one point people began to yell "We want to shut down Pentagon." They also performed anti-war songs with drums and accordion.

"I am marching for my son, who was killed in Iraq," one of the rally's organizers, Cindy Sheehan said, addressing to the audience.

She pointed out that women were not afraid of enemies, when they need to defend their children.

"We are here to say about our children," she said, adding that this was only the beginning of women's movement against the war.


Several posters said "No Justice, No Peace."

"I realize that wars are more profitable than peace ... However, we need peace, safety and security," Lew Welge from Florida told Sputnik.

No incidents were reported during the rally. Several police cars accompanied the protesters. Law enforcement officers were very kind and showed protesters the way they can follow during the march.

The rally has been dedicated to 51st anniversary of the big rally of 1967, when dozens of thousands people gathered near the Pentagon to protest against war in Vietnam.
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