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Opinion: If family separation isnt enough, what must Trump do to cross Republicans?

Opinion: If family separation isn't enough, what must Trump do to cross Republicans?

Donald Trump's retreat from his vile policy of separating immigrant children from their parents is a small win for basic human decency. But the episode also serves to underscore a scary truth, says DW's Michael Knigge.
  • Despite the threat of a trade war between the EU and US, goods slapped with tariffs only make up a small percentage of total trade between the two sides. DW looks at the US's trading relationship with the EU and Germany.
  • In the past half year, northern Mozambique has seen a stark rise in Islamist terrorism. Critics say the government is playing down the issue in order not to scare off foreign investors.
  • German journalist Paul Arne Wagner never expected to be arrested while covering an anti-corruption protest in Bucharest. More than a week later, Romanian authorities have failed to provide a convincing justification.
  • Germany's migration policy debacle is also making waves among Africans online. To the big question facing Chancellor Angela Merkel – whether or not to shut the door on asylum seekers – some Africans are saying 'Why not?'
  • The EU says plans to return migrants rescued at sea to detention centers in North Africa won't lead to inhumane conditions. Rights groups fear that refugees won't be treated with dignity, citing migrant camps in Libya.
  • Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have called for the EU's border management agency to be strengthened. The Visegrad Group has pushed for hard-line policies on irregular migration to the EU.
  • Druids and pagans, alongside some 9,500 other visitors, flocked to Stonehenge to celebrate the summer solstice at the ancient stone monument. The longest day of the year offers a rare chance to go inside the site.
  • In China's Muslim-majority Xinjiang region, there have been reports of "reeducation" camps where over 200,000 "suspects" are being held. DW spoke with researcher Adrian Lenz about the veracity of the reports.
  • Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has been charged with fraud and breaches of trust. Netanyahu had been the focus of a long investigation into misuse of state funds.
  • Pakistani politician Imran Khan could become the country's next premier after the July 25 vote, but his stance against the US' role in Afghanistan could be a hurdle in the Trump administration's dealings with Islamabad.
  • China is "one of the most restrictive economies in the world," concluded a recent survey by the EU Chamber of Commerce in China. The chamber's president tells DW about European firms' challenges in doing business there.
  • The European Court of Human Rights found Anders Breivik's jail conditions did not violate the European Convention on Human Rights. Breivik is serving 21 years for a bomb and shooting attack that killed 77 people in Oslo.