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China threatens sanctions over sale of US fighter jets to Taiwan

China threatens sanctions over sale of US fighter jets to Taiwan

The United States has approved the sale of 66 advanced F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan. The sale adds to already tense relations between Beijing and Washington.
  • The US leader gave Denmark the cold shoulder after the Nordic country dismissed the idea of selling Greenland. The move comes two days after Trump said striking a deal on the island was not a top priority.
  • Indonesia has deployed additional troops to the restive province of West Papua amid spreading violence and protests there over the past several days. A separatist movement has simmered in the region for decades.
  • Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and his League's coalition with the 5-Star movement was only ever a means to an end. His inexorable rise to the top spells more bad news for Italy and the EU, says DW's Barbara Wesel.
  • A study conducted by experts from India and Harvard University reveals that Indian women suffer gender bias while accessing health care. Gender stereotypes also prevent women from voicing their health problems.
  • China confirmed that it detained a Hong Kong British Consulate employee who went missing on a business trip to mainland China. Britain's Foreign Office said it is extremely concerned about the case.
  • Both India and Pakistan offered conflicting reports of casualties. Pakistan on Tuesday announced plans to bring the Kashmir dispute before the UN's top court.
  • The US and Venezuelan leaders have confirmed for the first time that their governments are talking behind the scenes. No mention of the opposition was made.
  • An Australian court dismissed the former Vatican treasurer's appeal to have his convictions overturned. However, the decision doesn't necessarily mark the end of Cardinal Pell's legal battle to reverse the ruling.
  • The ruling, which does not allow for the sale of the drug, is now under review by a higher court at the government's request. The organization backing the case told DW it is a step toward ending the war on drugs.
  • An Iranian-flagged oil tanker recently released by Gibraltar is once again causing diplomatic tensions. The US has warned that any assistance given to the vessel would be considered as support for terrorism.
  • Jihadists and allied rebels have withdrawn from the last major rebel-held bastion in Syria. Government troops have expanded their presence in the area, according to Syrian state TV.
  • Ahead of his meeting with the German Chancellor, Boris Johnson has again urged the EU to reopen Brexit negotiations. The silence so far has been deafening. What is Johnson hoping to achieve in Berlin?
  • A failed nuclear-powered cruise missile test was the cause of a recent explosion at a military facility in northwestern Russia, according to US experts. Moscow has provided little information about the incident.
  • In offering to buy Greenland, US President Donald Trump is trying once again to disrupt the postwar Western order. What he is mainly interested in is geopolitical influence in the Arctic, writes DW's Oliver Sallet.
  • For weeks now, hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated in Hong Kong against the increasing influence of the Beijing government over their region. People in mainland China, however, have little sympathy.
  • The European Union promised 10 million euros in aid to Bosnia. The funds are earmarked to to build new reception centers and support the more than 7,000 migrants currently based in the Balkan state.
  • Despite the fact that Africa bears the brunt when it comes to erratic global weather patterns, many people are still unfamiliar with the climate change phenomenon, a new survey reveals.
  • The migrant rescue charity 'Open Arms' has rejected a Spanish government offer for its vessel to dock at a Balearic Island port. It was the second offer the group rejected, citing an urgent and inhumane situation.
  • In reaction to a series of protests across the country, Russia's parliament has announced a probe into foreign meddling by Western governments and media including DW.