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Italy allows 10 migrants to leave German Sea-Watch boat

Italy allows 10 migrants to leave German Sea-Watch boat

Italy has allowed 10 rescued migrants on the Sea-Watch 3 ship to leave the vessel. Two pregnant women and two sick men are among those who have been given permission to leave the boat.
  • A presentation copy of Charles Darwin's Origin of Species has sold for 500,075 double the amount expected. The book was originally owned by German botanist Robert Caspary, who received the book from Darwin.
  • The pilot, who was in his 60s, was flying a Soviet-era aerobatic plane when it suddenly plummeted into a river. Footage of the crash shows a more than 20-second tailspin.
  • The Mass comes as pledges from billionaires to fund restoration of the cathedral have failed to materialize. Instead, it's mainly been small donations filling the church's coffers.
  • A series of explosions have claimed the lives of Kenyan police officers and Somali civilians. The attacks, claimed by al-Shabab jihadists, came after a rival militia executed a group of civilians.
  • Famed for opulent film and opera productions, Zeffirelli led a storied life and often courted controversy. He died Saturday in Rome.
  • The US has blamed Iran for attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf a claim Iran denies. The dispute has raised concerns of a new conflict in the region. DW examines the key actors involved and their interests.
  • Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said the vital oil supply routes in the Gulf must be protected following terrorist acts. G20 ministers have sought to downplay fears of possible disruption.
  • The WHO has not declared the current outbreak an international emergency. But neighboring countries considered at risk have upped their preventative measures after the virus spread to Uganda earlier this week.
  • In her inauguration speech, Zuzana Caputova pledged to fight injustice and impunity. The 45-year-old is the country's first female president and the youngest person ever to be elected to the office.
  • The Hong Kong government has put a controversial extradition law on ice. But the government's suspension will not solve the unrest, it only means a temporary respite, says DW's Philipp Bilsky.
  • Niassa Reserve, one of the biggest wildlife parks in Africa, marked a year without losing a single elephant to the poachers. Up to 4,000 of the animals roam the Mozambique park, which covers more land than Switzerland.
  • Once accused of brutally murdering her roommate, the exonerated journalist has called for an end to irresponsible media. Her case gained widespread notoriety, partly due to the media frenzy surrounding her trial.
  • After the attacks on two oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, the US is blaming Iran. How credible is the accusation, asks DW's Rainer Sollich, and could there be other powers at play?
  • UN chief Antonio Guterres has called on all actors in the region to avoid a major confrontation. The US and UK have accused Iran of attacking tankers transiting through the Persian Gulf.
  • City leader Carrie Lam said in a press conference her government would indefinitely 'suspend work' on the bill. The proposed law has triggered the biggest protests in the city since its British handover in 1997.
  • Relegated to the ranks of Greeks made homeless during the country's economic crisis, one 70-year-old man reclaimed some of his past glory by taking matters into his own hands. Demetrios Ioannou reports from Athens.
  • Moldova's Democratic Party, headed by a powerful oligarch, has ceded power to an unlikely coalition of pro-Russian and pro-European forces. It's an alliance even the new prime minister called unnatural.
  • A visit by the UN's counterterrorism head to Xinjiang lends credibility to the view that Uighurs pose a threat to China, the US and rights groups have argued. Some 1 million ethnic Uighurs are detained in the region.
  • Leaders of southern EU states tried to develop a common political and economic stance ahead of an EU summit. Migration was one issue on the agenda, with a call for rescue ships to give way to the Libyan coast guard.