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Opinion: Trump hasn't been all bad for the EU

For the EU, Donald Trump's election proved a steep learning curve, and the damage caused by the US president will be difficult to repair. But Trump's tenure has also done Europe some good, writes DW's Max Hofmann.
  • The runner-up in the presidential election in DR Congo, Martin Fayulu, had said he was the real winner in the contest and called for protests. But a high court ruling said the challenge was unfounded.
  • Northern Irish police posted a picture of what appeared to be a burning car in front of a courthouse. Irish politicians have condemned what they called a terrorist attack. No one was injured by the explosion.
  • Aid groups fear that some 170 migrants could be dead after two dinghies sank in separate incidents after leaving Libya and Morocco. Italian President Sergio Mattarella has expressed his deep sorrow.
  • President Trump offered to extend protections for some immigrants in exchange for 5.7 billion to build a wall at the Mexican border. A political standoff has lasted weeks and left 800,000 federal employees without pay.
  • The airstrike killed 52 militants, making it the deadliest operation in months that was carried out by the US in Somalia. US officials said it was ordered after the militant group attacked Somali forces.
  • With Brexit looming on the horizon and populist parties calling for further EU exits, European unity has been shaken. In a video message, Merkel explained why she thinks a new friendship treaty with Paris will help.
  • Days after the Islamic State militant group killed US troops on Syrian soil, a senator has warned against pulling out quickly. The White House has yet to release details on how it plans to end the US presence in Syria.
  • As the US-Mexico border row continues to rage, AeroMexico is offering US travelers a DNA discount to visit their closest neighbor. An ad detailing the perk has gone viral on social media.
  • Black-clad gunmen on motorbikes have shot dead two Buddhist monks and wounded two others in southern Thailand. Separatist violence which first flared in 2004 has seen an uptick in recent weeks after a three-year lull.
  • Former German President Joachim Gauck was among hundreds of politicians and dignitaries who attended the funeral for the slain mayor of Gdansk. In the wake of the killing, the Polish PiS party has seen its support fall.
  • The special counsel charged with investigating Russian collusion rejected allegations published by the US news company. The report claimed Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.
  • Grace Meng's lawyer says she has formally requested refuge from French authorities as she is afraid she may be kidnapped. Her husband, Meng Hongwei, went missing in September after traveling to his native China.
  • Remember the hope that Donald Trump would be mostly tough talk, but little action? At the halfway-mark of his first term it is time to acknowledge the huge impact he's already had and wonder how much more could come.
  • Hundreds of people were near a pipeline when it exploded, leaving 73 dead and 76 injured. Dozens of Mexican states have experienced fuel shortages since President Lopez Obrador shut down pipelines to curb fuel theft.
  • Authorities said a man linked to the National Liberation Army guerrilla was the driver of the car bomb that killed 21 people in a Bogota. President Ivan Duque accused the ELN of lacking true desire for peace.
  • A US court order has confirmed that a journalist working for Iran's Press TV was arrested in connection with a probe into violations of US criminal law. But Marzieh Hashemi has not been accused of committing any crime.
  • The Polish city of Gdansk is saying farewell to its mayor, who was stabbed to death at a charity concert. The suspected attacker's mother has told police she was concerned that her son was planning political revenge.
  • After exchanging a number of letters and announcing they fell in love, US President Trump will attend a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Exactly where and when the pair will meet has not been determined.
  • Two researchers swam alongside the enormous shark for hours, taking breathtaking photos that went viral online. The shark is possibly one of the largest great whites ever recorded and she may be pregnant.