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NATO chief urges action if Russia drops INF treaty

NATO chief urges action if Russia drops INF treaty

NATO's leader has warned that Europe's security could be compromised by Russia's decision to exit a Cold War-era treaty. Russia has accused the US and its allies of stoking tensions, saying it is ready for all options.
  • The former Israeli prime minister has called for an end to Netanyahu's rule with the radicals, racists and the corrupt. Israeli is heading for its second election this year after Netanyahu failed to form a government.
  • Since its founding 70 years ago, NATO has primarily focused on the threat posed by conventional warfare. But these days, conflicts are also fought in cyberspace. Could outer space be next?
  • Leonardo Abel Sinopoli Azcoaga was one of four prisoners to escape the city-center prison in Uruguay while the security cameras were switched off. The Argentine was detained as he tried to cross the border into Brazil.
  • A controversial decision to restore Moscow's voting rights in the Council of Europe has been called a safeguard for human rights in Russia. But how much influence does the body really have over the Kremlin?
  • The economic impact of Brexit has been explored far and wide. But with the October 31 deadline approaching and a no-deal scenario still very much on the cards, could it affect women disproportionately?
  • Even while insisting they do not want a war, leaders of Iran and the US have again ratcheted up international tension. The EU is scrambling to salvage the landmark 2015 deal that froze Iran's nuclear weapons program.
  • Authorities suspect that faulty wiring or a burning cigarette may have caused the devastating blaze, but they cannot say with certainty. Still, they are confident that the fire was not intentionally lit.
  • At a ceremony in Utrecht, the head of the Dutch state rail company announced compensation for survivors and families of the 100,000 Holocaust victims sent on Dutch trains to Nazi death camps.
  • Over 2,230 people have been infected with Ebola and at least 1,510 have died over the past year. We know how to address the crisis, says German church-based NGO Difaem, but the unrest is making this impossible.
  • German companies want Angela Merkel to mitigate damage caused by years of tough US sanctions against Russia. The president of an influential German business group said the US was prioritizing its own economic interests.
  • A Cambodian court has imprisoned a translator for his work on a film for a Russian news outlet that showed mothers selling their daughters for sex work. Human Rights Watch thinks it's a cover up.
  • German migrant rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 is headed to the Italian island of Lampedusa with migrants on board, despite the threat of a fine. The Italian government wants the ship to dock in Germany or the Netherlands.
  • The smugglers were arrested at Kuala Lumpur's main airport after arriving from China with 5,255 red-eared terrapins. Malaysia has become a hub for wildlife trafficking in the past few years.
  • Climate change added to warfare is worsening hunger worldwide, according to one of Germany's largest aid groups. Welthungerhilfe has said many poor have no more reserves or resilience left when hit by extreme weather.
  • The US and India are trying to deepen their ties in the face of multiple security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. But New Delhi faces the tough task of balancing India's security and economic interests.
  • The shocking photo of a father and his toddler daughter, lifeless on the banks of the Rio Grande, was a tragic reminder of the risks that Central American migrants face on their journey to reach the US.
  • Emissions-cheating scandals hitting German car manufacturers have strained relations between policymakers and the auto industry in the country. But DW's Henrik Bhme says it's still the carmakers calling the shots.
  • Cheap painkillers are the new drugs for the people. On the African continent, more and more people are becoming addicted and the illicit trade in pharmaceuticals is on the rise.
  • Eleven men including Syrians have gone on trial in Freiburg, southern Germany, over alleged rapes of an 18-year-old outside a nightclub. Between now and December, two forensic experts and 50 witnesses are to testify.