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Sudan protesters suspend talks with military leadership

Sudan protesters suspend talks with military leadership

The military seized power earlier this month from President Omar al-Bashir. Protesters campaigning for a return to civilian rule have called off talks with the interim leaders, urging supporters to step up their rallies.
  • None of the three candidates won support from more than 50% of registered voters. That means the first presidential poll since the country's contentious name change will come down to a runoff in May.
  • A VW manager, charged recently alongside former CEO Martin Winterkorn, is now being investigated over nearly 1 million in bonuses. The huge cash pile was paid after the Dieselgate emissions scandal came to light.
  • The UN has described Cyclone Idai as one of the deadliest storms on record in the Southern Hemisphere. More than 1,000 have died, and millions are still fighting for survival. DW spoke with aid worker Ninja Taprogge.
  • Imran Khan has begun his maiden visit to Iran as Pakistani premier amid deteriorating ties between Islamabad and Tehran. Will Khan be able to allay Iran's growing concerns over his country's closeness to Saudi Arabia?
  • Volodymyr Zelenskiy has won a major victory over incumbent Petro Poroshenko. The comedian plays the role of president in a fictional television sitcom.
  • Pope Francis has made his Easter Urbi et Orbi address calling for the resolution of conflicts. He condemned the day's violence in Sri Lanka, offering his affectionate closeness to the community there.
  • No reason has been given for replacing the long-standing head of the paramilitary group. The US has controversially labelled the group a terrorist organization.
  • Hundreds of people have been killed in coordinated attacks in Sri Lanka. This is how the attacks unfolded.
  • Nearly 1,000 people have had their citizenship revoked since the 2011 Arab Spring protests by the country's Shiite population. Despite the decision, rights groups believe state repression is unlikely to ease soon.
  • Easter mass in the French capital had to be relocated from the badly burned Notre Dame to the smaller Saint-Eustache church. The archbishop of Paris paid tribute to the city's fire brigade.
  • In the eyes of many, the Catholic Church has lost all moral authority. It must use this year's Easter message as a chance for renewal, to once again stand up for the oppressed in society, says Christoph Strack.
  • Iraq is a wonderland for used car parts from the West. Cars that get written off after an accident get a second life there. It's a money machine, involving billions every year. Judit Neurink reports from Irbil.
  • Government soldiers were said to have been taken by surprise, coming under heavy gunfire. The attack comes as the countrys president searches for a new prime minister in the wake of a complete Cabinet resignation.
  • Notre Dame is more than just a cathedral. That's why we should welcome, rather than criticize, the donors pledging vast sums to help rebuild this unique edifice, writes DW Editor-in-Chief Ines Pohl.
  • With the defeat of Tamil separatists in 2009, Sri Lanka had somewhat managed to rein in violence. But experts say that various conflicts continued to plague the country, and these could have triggered the Easter blasts.
  • After the first day of voting, international observers reported there were no hurdles to voting. But the level of the turnout is a key issue.
  • Ukrainians are voting in a runoff election pitting incumbent President Poroshenko against comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Zelenskiy has been leading in opinion polls.
  • Television comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy is on course to become president of Ukraine. His election campaign lacked substance but it was both aggressive and successful. So what are his plans for the country?
  • Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez could win re-election on April 28. But a left-wing government is far from certain, with neither left nor right wing blocs on track to easily reach a majority.