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European Council slams Greece over refugee camp conditions

European Council slams Greece over refugee camp conditions

Horrific sanitary conditions, lack of food, and police beatings: just some of the conditions migrants in Greek camps are subjected to, according to a new report. The situation for children is particularly precarious.
  • The founder of Huawei has dismissed claims his company spies for the Chinese government and said that the world cannot do without his company's more advanced technology.
  • More than a dozen US states filed a joint lawsuit arguing that President Donald Trump's national emergency is unconstitutional. The suit stresses that it is Congress who has the authority on funding matters.
  • US President Donald Trump called on the Venezuelan armed forces to back interim President Juan Guaido. Trump said he sought a peaceful transition of power in Venezuela, but that all options remained open.
  • US President Donald Trump gave his word to the EU Commission head that he would hold off on tariffs on EU cars, Juncker told German media. Representatives of US car makers warned a tariff hike would backfire.
  • Producers of the film 'Berlin, I Love You' have cited Chinese influence as the reason they cut Ai Weiwei's segment. The artist told DW that the Berlin International Film Festival suggested his section be removed.
  • Japanese car giant Honda is expected to announce the closure of its only car plant in Britain. Several carmakers have announced plans to trim UK operations, with concerns that a no-deal Brexit could disrupt supply lines.
  • Measles infection cases have soared in the Philippines, killing scores of children since the beginning of the year, officials said. The public is still reeling from a 2017 vaccine scare related to dengue fever shots.
  • US President Donald Trump is pressuring Europe to take back its citizens who were captured in Syria while fighting for the Islamic State group. It's high time the continent address the issue, says DW's Matthias von Hein.
  • Tensions in Kashmir have heightened with several Indian troops and militants killed in clashes. Indian Prime Minister Modi rejected talks with Pakistan, saying the time for talks is over.
  • Famous folk singer Saban Saulic lost his life when a hatchback he was riding in collided with a larger car in northwest Germany. The driver of the other vehicle was driving intoxicated and without a license, police said.
  • As the dust settles on Nigeria's postponed general election, Nigerians have expressed their frustration with the electoral commission. But many are still optimistic their voices will be heard.
  • In an interview with DW, Singapore's Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen downplayed concerns over a major confrontation emerging in the region and said that calling China a regional hegemon was a matter of opinion.
  • Foreign ministers from EU member states addressed Trump's call for European countries to repatriate foreign Islamic State fighters captured in Syria. They also discussed the situation in Venezuela and in Yemen.
  • G8 countries cancelled the debts of 18 African countries in 2005. But many of these countries now face bankruptcy again. Is China really to blame, as many in the West believe?
  • Israel's acting foreign minister said Poleshad sucked anti-Semitism from their mothers' milk. Poland's prime minister slammed the comments as unacceptable and racist.
  • The former president is being investigated on suspicions of money laundering tied to shady real estate dealings. Corruption is a major political topic in the Maldives, which has parliamentary elections on the horizon.
  • A Swedish activist who livestreamed her attempt on board a plane to stop the deportation of an Afghan man has been found guilty of breaking aviation laws. But the student did avoid a potential jail term.
  • A group of lawmakers has broken away from Britain's main opposition party and launched The Independent Group. The ex-Labour MPs cited dissatisfaction with Jeremy Corbyn's leadership and intolerance within the party.
  • The man who became synonymous with Germany's insistence on austerity during the eurozone debt crisis wants the bloc to have a common budget and finance minister. He also thinks decision-making should be streamlined.